Ganpati Rosin

The company Ganpati Rosin & Turpentine Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established with the purpose of manufacturing of Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine Oil from Oleo Resins (Oleo Pine Resin) collected from the pine trees of the natural forests of Nepal. It was registered as proprietorship concern with the Department of Cottage & Small Scale Industries on 2050/11/02 (Feb. 14, 1994) in the name of Shree Vishwanath Poddar. An agreement was signed with the Department of Forest HMG, Nepal for the tapping of 4000 MT Oleo Pine Resin from the five districts of Rapti Zone (Salyan, Rolpa, Dang, Puthan and Rukum) on 2050-11-16 (Feb. 28, 1994). This agreement was for a period of 10 years and a second term agreement was signed for up to 2071 B. S. (2015 A.D.).

The proprietorship company was converted into a Private Limited Company on 2053-3-25 (July 9, 1996) with the registration of the company with the Office of Company Registar, Government of Nepal.

This company produces gum rosin and gum turpentine oil which is raw material for other industries such as medicine, soap, lubricant, painting and chemical industries etc.

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